Monday, March 10, 2014

What’s Happening in Detroit?

Detroit Police Chief James Craig
Law-abiding citizens fight back…
by Robert A. Waters

In the last two weeks, home invaders in Detroit have gotten the worst of it when attempting to rob homeowners.  And, in a surprise, the police chief supports armed self-defense.

When two teenage thugs attempted to break into a man’s home, he heard them and opened fire, killing one of the intruders.  After the shooting, Detroit Deputy Police Chief Rodney Johnson said, “As a homeowner, he had a right to protect himself inside his home.” (None of the homeowners in these stories were identified because of possible retaliation.)

Police Chief James Craig told reporters that burglars may think twice if they know their intended victim is armed.

A few days later, three armed teenagers kicked down the door of a grandmother.  Using a semi-automatic rifle (or what reporters like to label an “assault rifle”), the woman routed the invaders, killing one.

In another case, a woman pulled into her driveway and was accosted by a carjacker.  Throwing her keys to the ground to distract the robber, the victim drew her gun and killed him.

In a south Detroit neighborhood, two men used a crowbar to break into an occupied home.  When the men tried to attack the homeowner with the tire iron, he drew his pistol and shot them both.  One thug died on the scene—the other was taken to the hospital with severe injuries.

Chief Craig stated his thoughts on the benefits of law-abiding citizens owning firearms.  He said that years ago in California, he’d been against concealed carry permits and was reluctant to give them out. But after taking a job as a police chief in Maine, he was required by law to dispense permits to law-abiding citizens.  Thousands of permits later, Craig changed his mind.  He told reporters that Maine is one of the safest states in the union.

As soon as Craig made his comments, a writer at Huffington Post belittled him for “wanting more guns on the street, not fewer.”  Undeterred, the chief continues to sing the praises of concealed carry laws.

And in Detroit, defenders continued to ignore the pundits.

A homeowner heard his back window “shatter” and, arming himself, went to investigate.  He found an intruder inside his home and fired.  Another career criminal lay dead, and another homeowner was not charged.

In yet another case, a woman on Grove Street heard noises coming from her rear window.  Investigating, she saw a man entering her home.  The woman retrieved a handgun, fired, and hit the intruder in the chest.  He ran out of the house and was found dead on a nearby street.  

The desire to feel safe is a primal need.  In America, gun ownership crosses party lines.  Large numbers of Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and Libertarians own firearms.  Even as the “sophisticated” elite denounce guns, the great unwashed throngs keep firearms and use them for self-protection.

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