Sunday, March 16, 2014

New True Crime Book Now in Stock

The Kidnapping and Murder of Little Skeegie Cash: J. Edgar Hoover and Florida's Lindbergh Case is now in stock on Amazon.  Robert A. Waters and Zack C. Waters delved into the massive archives of the FBI to bring this little-known true crime story to light. 

In a tale clear and gripping, Robert and Zack Waters have deftly chronicled a crime that was as significant to FBI history as all the public enemies that came before. The crisp narrative exposes J. Edgar Hoover’s bold political machinations and an urgent grassroots effort to save a missing child. This is true crime at its best: unembellished, dramatic, and authoritative.
—Ron Franscell, bestselling author of The Darkest Night
Robert A. Waters and Zack C. Waters have crafted a masterpiece of detective work and analysis, detailing the tragedy of the kidnapping and murder of Little Skeegie Cash in Princeton, Florida.  They place this tragic event in the context of the machinations of J. Edgar Hoover to claim credit for the eventual arrest of Franklin Pierce McCall in a desperate attempt to reverse severe budget cuts for the FBI by Congress. Based on newspaper research, examinations of the trial records, and 4,000 pages of FBI records, secured through the Freedom of Information Act, The Kidnapping and Murder of Little Skeegie Cash highlights one of the most infamous criminal episodes in Florida history. It is also another in the damning indictments of Hoover and his tenure as head of the FBI.  It is an excellent read.
—Nick Wynne, Executive Director Emeritus of The Florida Historical Society

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