Thursday, October 5, 2023

Women and Self-Defense

Compilation: Female Victims Fighting Back--Stories from my Blog

By Robert A. Waters

I started my blog in 2008. Over the years, I’ve published more than 700 stories. Most deal with crime, although I also enjoy writing about the Civil War, historical events, archaeological discoveries, my family’s genealogy, etc. I also occasionally write book reviews, but only about books I enjoy.

One of my major interests concerns citizens using guns in self-defense. As a storyteller, I seldom engage in political discussions. I feel that a dramatized account of what occurred is more effective than a long political lecture. Of the 700 posts, about 100 recount true, documented stories of citizens defending themselves (or others) with firearms.

This blog entry will provide the reader a compilation of ten of those stories--focusing on women and their guns. Whether you believe a gun is an equalizer or not, check these stories.

Young home invader forces elderly, disabled Shreveport woman to open her safe. Fatal mistake.

Kidnapping, Murder, and Mayhem: Protecting Her Own (

Persistent career criminal breaks into an elderly widow's home and pays the price.  

Kidnapping, Murder, and Mayhem: Woman Kills Intruder in Self-Defense (

Young Chinese businesswoman is racially profiled by three armed robbers in Georgia. One invader dies at the scene, the others flee like cowards. High-definition video records the entire gunfight.

Kidnapping, Murder, and Mayhem: Video Shows Chen Fengzhu Self-Defense Shooting (

Pretty real estate agent uses concealed carry handgun to fight off would-be rapist.

Kidnapping, Murder, and Mayhem: Real Estate Agent Uses Gun to Survive Attack (

Armed mother hides in a secluded closet with her young twins waiting as home intruder comes closer...and closer. 

Kidnapping, Murder, and Mayhem: Self-Defense Files 7 (

Two armed robbers burst into a check-cashing store and...surprise...surprise.

Kidnapping, Murder, and Mayhem: Life and Death at Mr. Money USA by Robert A. Waters (

Elderly St. Petersburg woman hears a noise just outside her home. A stranger tries to climb in through a window...

Kidnapping, Murder, and Mayhem: A Lady and Her Ruger (

Trapped in her bedroom, a wife and gang member engage in one of the wildest gun battles you'll ever read about.

Kidnapping, Murder, and Mayhem: GUNS SAVE LIVES - Chapter 1 - POINT BLANK (

Criminal on the run from police breaks down a 150-pound steel door. He meets a woman with her .38. 

Kidnapping, Murder, and Mayhem: Self-Defense in Knightdale, North Carolina (

Milwaukee nurse returning home after her shift stops a violent carjacker.

Kidnapping, Murder, and Mayhem: Justice for a Carjacker (

For much more detailed full-chapter stories of armed self-defense, check out my latest book, co-written with Sim Waters, at Guns and Self-Defense.

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