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A Primer on Self-Defense

Self-Defense Tips Most People Forget About
By Jay Chambers

As crime rates increase by the day, you should make sure you are never caught unawares. Whether you are in a safe place or not, it is good to be always prepared for the worst scenarios. Simple self-defense readiness (or lack of it) could determine your staying alive or getting killed.

From simple to more aggressive self-defense techniques, none is too little or too much when it comes to staying safe before and during an attack. Keep reading to learn about great self-defense tips you probably don’t pay attention to.

Tip #1: Fight Back – Do So Only If You Can Handle the Situation

Learning to fight back during an attack is one of the techniques for self-defense. However, you must assess the situation and be very sure your attacker does not have a life-threatening device that would give him or her an upper hand over you.

So, once you have assessed the situation and determined it’s okay to fight back in physical combat, go ahead and scratch or jab the attacker in the eyes without delay. The essence is to weaken their vision so that you can take advantage of the situation to escape. 

Tip #2: Apply Head-butt when Necessary

Head-butting is especially helpful when an attacker grabs a victim from behind. Do not delay in head-butting backward, which will direct a blow from the back of your head to the assailant's nose. Make sure you apply the most force in head-butting your attacker. The culprit is very likely to let go of you as the pain from the head-butt weakens him.

Tip #3: Destabilize Your Attacker with a Pepper Spray

Having pepper spray with you most times when you are outdoors can be quite helpful in a life-threatening situation. It’s a great way to destabilize your opponent so that you can escape or use the opportunity to fish out a stronger weapon.

When you use pepper spray on an attacker, you should focus on the face and particularly the eyes. Remember, this is a matter of life and death, so you should be very swift in taking action. Once you have succeeded in destabilizing the assailant, escape as fast as possible, bearing in mind that the pepper spray effect would usually wear off after about 15 minutes or slightly more.

Tip #4: Learn to Exhibit Confidence and Awareness

When you notice a potential attack, exhibiting confidence and awareness is a great self-defense technique that can make your attacker think twice. Often, violent criminals such as muggers usually focus on easy targets – people who appear fearful and unaware of the potential danger in their environment.

So, don’t look down as you’re walking and being distracted by your mobile phone. Exhibit confidence and awareness by standing straight as you walk briskly, with your back, chin, and shoulders up.

Try not to make it obvious that you know someone is following you – so, don’t make eye contact with a suspect. But, ensure you are at alert, looking around intermittently for signs that may confirm your suspicion. Sometimes, a potential assailant would walk away if the person suspects you will be a difficult target.

Tip #5: Shout

In a potential attack situation, shouting at the aggressor can be a helpful self-defense technique. It can help prevent the assailant from attacking you. Knowing that your shout will attract the attention of people nearby, the assailant would hurry to leave the environment.

Usually, attackers do not want victims who draw attention and would take advantage of the situation to subdue them quietly. The majority of the attackers will hurry away from loud situations and shouts, knowing that could alert people nearby or even the police.

So, don’t hesitate to shout “back off!” when someone is suspiciously coming towards you. Don’t stop screaming and yelling until they back off. Also, it would be helpful to bring out your cell phone immediately and let them know you are dialing 911 since they’ve refused to back off.

Tip #6: Get Away from the Scene as Fast as You Can

Remember, a potential attack is a life-threatening situation and any quick action can help save your life. So, if there’s an opportunity to escape from a potential attacker, do it as fast as you can. If your vehicle is parked close by, quickly duck into it as a way of escape, and don’t hesitate to drive off.

You can also escape into any business outfit nearby such as a mall or restaurant. Look for a way to blend with the crowd so that the attacker can lose track of you. You don't always have to fight back when you have the opportunity to escape.

Escaping from potential harm includes letting go of your precious belongings such as your wallet, money or credit cards, especially if they ask for those items in a life-threatening situation. You can always bounce back from such losses, but may never bounce back from a life-threatening attack.

Tip #7: Be Armed

You should be ready for worst-case scenarios at all times by arming yourself. It is common for many people to use concealed handguns, including higher caliber options as a way of being armed and getting ready for the worst situations. Other self-defense devices that people adopt include mace and knives.

However, you should bear in mind that if you are unprepared to use dangerous weapons such as guns and knives, your attacker may deploy them against you. As a result, many people consider these self-defense devices carefully.

So, if you decide to adopt a proper weapon such as a pistol for self-defense, endeavor to be smart and very cautious. You should ensure you go through proper training on how to use such weapons safely. Also, you must carry a gun legally.

Finally, it is helpful to take self-defense lessons, especially if your neighborhood is a dangerous one and you are concerned about your life and that of your loved ones.

Jay is a pro free speech business owner based in Austin, Texas.  Jay writes over at Minuteman Review.

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