Thursday, May 23, 2019

What would you do?

by Robert A. Waters and Sim Waters

What would you do if you were driving down the road and saw a law enforcement officer being beaten to death by a crazed assassin?  Would you keep going, and maybe call 9-1-1 from your cellphone?  Would you stop and use your phone to take photos or videos of the dreadful scene?  In this book, the authors used detailed police case files to piece together not one, but two, stories in which private citizens used guns to save the lives of cops.  In each case, the good Samaritan shot and killed unhinged assailants.

If you were a clerk in a convenience store, would you keep a gun beneath the counter so you could fight back if you needed to?  We've described two cases in Guns and Self-Defense in which clerks, both female, survived because they had guns hidden away.  In one case, the clerk was fired from her job for defending herself.

If you worked in a jewelry store, would you keep a gun on your person as you go through your day-to-day interactions with customers?  What if one of the "customers" was a violent robber who wanted to kill you?  You can read two stories in this book that present that scenario.  Fortunately, the prey had protection and survived.

What if you're relaxing at home and suddenly the door bursts open and masked gunmen rush in? What if you had no means of protection?  The FBI reported 1.3 million home invasions last year.  Thousands of defenseless homeowners were badly injured and hundreds died during these encounters.  The half-dozen harrowing home invasion cases in our book turned out different only because the homeowners had guns.

And there are more.  Many more exciting, terrifying, poignant, and ultimately inspirational true tales that ended with the good guys winning.

Sim and I wrote about 23 cases.  We have an archive of several thousand "righteous" defensive shootings and plan to write a series of books describing many of these cases.

Stay tuned.

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