Saturday, June 30, 2018

Searching for the "Hoodie Killer"

Let's Get Justice for Linda Raulerson 
By Robert A. Waters 

Ten years later, and there's still no resolution in the stone-cold murder of Linda Raulerson.  On the night of July 22, 2008, the life of this vibrant, caring wife and mother drained away on the floor of Joy America Foods in Lake City, Florida.  As the lone clerk in that convenience store, she had no chance when confronted by a gun-wielding killer.  

This case bothers me for several reasons.  On the one hand, Raulerson worked hard to support her loved ones—on the other, surveillance video shows a crackhead who robbed and stole and murdered to support his useless life.  (Yeah, I know, he hasn't been caught yet, so how do I know he's a doper?  Not much brain matter goes into that deduction so figure it out yourself.) 

Married to John Raulerson for 38 years, Linda loved the simple things of life: animals, particularly Persian cats, which she raised; cooking; crafts; and painting.  Two of her favorite pastimes were bass fishing and creating antebellum-style dresses for the Olustee Festival held each year.  (For those who don't know, the Civil War Battle of Olustee took place near Lake City.  In 1864, a rag-tag group of Confederate regulars, old men, and young boys defeated the Union army as it attempted to gain control of the interior of Florida.) 

A second reason I'm outraged by this murder is that the victim complied in every way possible during the robbery.  I've heard it said over and over, just give the thief your money.  Then he'll be gone and you'll be safe.  A few dollars aren't worth your life.  Time and again, this horrible advice has proved to be predictably false, and this case proves it.  When you're dealing with psychopaths and hard-core addicts, violence is often built into their mutated genes. 

Yet another reason for my rage is that the robber likely went on his merry way, never caring that he took the life of a genuinely good person or that he may have destroyed a family.  To him, it was just a quickie that had no meaning, like a one-night stand.  Grab a couple hundred bucks, buy some dope, get high, and start thinking about tomorrow's heist. 

There seems to be little progress in the investigation.  It's scary that the "Hoodie Killer" might still be out there. 

If he's ever caught, Old Sparky sits gathering dust in an unused corner of Raiford Prison.  I say forget that stupid needle and bring back some real juice.  

The facts of this case are horrifying.  Check it out by clicking onto the following link:

If you have information about the case, contact the Columbia County Sheriff's Office tip line at 386-984-2871 or Columbia County Crime Stoppers at 386-754-7099. 

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