Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Burglar Shoots Dog, Gets Himself Killed

Shawn Michael King

Home Invasion Goes Bad for Intruder
by Robert A. Waters

Summerfield, Florida sits about ten miles south of Ocala, in Marion County.  A farming community, it is unincorporated. 

At around 11:00 p.m., on August 15, 2017, a car drove up to Shawn Peterson's isolated home in Summerfield.   

The Ocala Star Banner reported that Peterson, "his girlfriend and his 4-year-old pit bull named Zeus, were inside the bedroom when he heard his back door being kicked in.  Peterson said his dog ran out of the room and went toward the noise." 

Suddenly, gunfire sounded inside the home.  After hearing several shots and scuffling in another room, Peterson noticed a shadow moving toward his bedroom.  He locked the door and told his girlfriend to hide in the closet.  As she entered, she tossed him his shotgun. 

Peterson said he shouted twice, "What's this all about?"  The intruder did not answer. 

Then, from outside the bedroom door, a gunshot rang out.  The bullet ricocheted through the door and into the bedroom, but did not strike the occupants. 

As Peterson's girlfriend hid in the closet, the intruder kept banging on the door.  Finally, Peterson fired a blast through the door.  The intruder ran from the home and Peterson called 911. 

The Star Banner reported that "Zeus was shot three times, with one of the bullets hitting the 85-pound dog in the head.  The dog is alive, Peterson said.  He said his back door has three bullet holes and he believes more than one person entered the home." 

Later that night, a car pulled up to the Ocala Health Care emergency room in Summerfield.  Video surveillance shows the driver getting out of the car and dragging someone from the passenger side.  He then goes to the entrance, knocks on the door, and flees. 
Shawn Michael King, the intruder, was a stranger to Shawn Peterson.  He died of wounds to his face and chest.  He had served two years in Florida State Prison for grand theft of a motor vehicle and burglary. 

Without a protective dog and a firearm, Peterson and his girlfriend would likely have murdered. 

Zeus is expected to survive.   

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