Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Throwaway Girl

Can you identify this child?
by Robert A. Waters

On June 25, a woman walking her dog on Deer Island, Massachusetts stumbled upon a gruesome sight: a trash bag containing the body of a young girl.  A zebra-print blanket and polka dot leggings were also in the bag.

Deer Island is actually a peninsula that extends into Boston Harbor.  A water treatment plant makes up two-thirds of the island—the rest is set aside for walking, jogging, picnicking and other outdoor activities.

How did this child end up on Deer Island in a trash bag?  After two weeks, why hasn’t someone recognized her?  How did she die?

Millions of people have viewed the child’s photograph.  Yet, she is still unidentified.

Massachusetts State Police reported that “the little girl was about 4 years old.  She had brown eyes and long brown hair and appeared to be white or Hispanic, authorities said.  She weighed about 30 pounds and was about 3.5 feet tall.”

If you have information about this case, please call Massachusetts State Police at (508) 820-2121, the Suffolk County, Massachusetts; State Police at (617) 727-8817; or Winthrop, Massachusetts Police at (617) 539-5806.


Unknown said...

Poor Baby..Go rest in the arms of Jesus and play at the LORDS feet.. I pray that one day you will be reunited with your loved ones...

Unknown said...

They have identified this little ANGEL as Bella question is why no one came forward sooner the composite looked just like her..and where was all the people that cared for this sweet little ANGEL...beside mom and stepdad (boyfriend) like grandma Child protection and neighbors, you see a little girl playing for days then no one sees her seems to me this little ANGEL was failed by everyone that knew of her short little existence.

Unknown said...

Poor little soul. May she rest in heavenly peace.

Unknown said...

Poor little soul. May she rest in heavenly peace.

Bonnie said...

Faye it was the person who was supposed to love her the most that did this. It's a horrible horrible story.