Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Day Reason Died

“A bloody spectacle…”
by Robert A. Waters

At the Boston terror trial, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s attorney admitted his client set off the pressure cooker bombs that killed three people and injured hundreds more.  But just wait, the lawyer said, my client had a reason.  

Before we get an explanation, however, a parade of victims file into court to recount the horror of that afternoon.

One fine spring day, while people are having fun in arguably the country’s most iconic city, a deafening blast rocks the landscape.  Then another.  In the courtroom, photos and videos show excruciating scenes of mutilation, blood (real blood, not movie blood), evisceration.  Jurors gasp when they hear the explosions, but after the smoke clears, there’s more—whimpers drifting into the sad sky mixed with shrieks that must confound the heavens.

In court, wounded souls drag prosthetic limbs to the stand and tell their stories, trying to make sense of the senseless.  A father describes how he had to make a decision: should he tend to his mangled son whose light was already flickering, or should he help his daughter whose leg had been blown to smithereens?

There’s the cop who administered CPR to a woman whose lower body had been blown off.  “From the waist down,” he said, “it’s really tough to describe.  It was complete mutilation.” As strangers worked to save her life, the woman mouthed to a friend that her legs hurt.  Seconds later, her hand went limp.

Then there was the graduate student who traveled seven thousand miles only to die on a bloody foreign street.

While viewing destruction on an unimaginable scale, the gallery of spectators wept.  But somewhere out there, in the midst of death, the lawyer says there’s a reason.  After jurors hear Tsarnaev’s motive, they’ll want to let him live out his life.

The prosecutor informed jurors that the bomb was “designed to tear people apart and create a bloody spectacle.”  That’s obvious.

But why?

I can’t wait to hear Tsarnaev’s explanation.


Unknown said...

OH THIS OTTA BE GOOD!!!!! His explanation for the deaths of those people and the mangling of others, what could possibly be the motive or explanation be that would warrant such,to do to people HE DIDN'T EVEN KNOW. Then again someone had to take the case to fight for the mans life such as it is..

Robert A. Waters said...

Thank you for your reply. For some reason, this case bothers me more than most. I think the reason is the senselessness of it all, and the randomness. And it doesn't help that innocent people were deliberately maimed for life.

FAYE WHITE said...

This is so true and the child got killed too we don't know it these people were destined for greatness, especially in the case of the child, being he was only 8 years old.
I can see how this would bother you, a friend of mine here her stepdad was one of the last bodies they pulled from the Murrah Federal Building, and another friend whose mother decided not to go to work the day the TOWERS were bombed. The Murrah Federal Building bothers me because these were innocent kids, my son had just or was about to be 18 when that happened, and I was worried that they may call a "DRAFT" and he would be "called" not that its not wrong to "call" him but he is my only child because I want him to serve his country like anyone else and be PROUD for doing it. AS you said this was just sinceless and a real shame at that that so many young children lost their lives in a fight that in my opinion should have never started here, but that's just me. and may not have all the facts either as to why it should be here on AMERICAN soil.

Unknown said...

He was found guilty on all 30 charges(April 8 2015) ..Well now we will wait to see what he gets for his CRIME..I have heard from different news stations that he was his older brothers "pawn/slave" well when his brother got killed I would think that he would have too,
I guess he wanted to see if we took him seriously or not. And we did..