Thursday, February 19, 2015

Notes about my blog…

A few days ago, my blog, “Kidnapping, Murder and Mayhem,” surpassed 1 million page views.

Influenced by Laura James’ outstanding blog, “CLEWS,” I wanted an online outlet to publish short true crime stories, as well as narratives about any other subject that struck me.  I decided to stay away from political discussion since there are thousands of websites that cater to every nuance of the political spectrum.  Two exceptions were the gun issue (I’m obviously pro-gun) and the death penalty (in certain narrow instances, I’m obviously pro-death penalty).

Here are a few facts about my blog.

I refuse to allow any advertisements since I loathe pop-ups and side-ads that distract from the content.  In fact, I refuse to read the content of websites that have distracting ads.

I get many comments from readers, and I generally publish them whether the reader agrees with me or not.  But I personally do not use profanity either in speech or prose and will not publish comments that contain foul language.  I am exceedingly grateful to readers of my blog and always feel blessed when hearing from them.

I enjoy writing reviews about good books that I’ve read.  For the last two decades, I’ve read almost no novels.  To me, real life trumps fiction every time.

In my blog, I publish only material that appeals to me.

I’m interested in American history, particularly the history of my native Florida; the War Between the States; World War I; and World War II.  I also enjoy learning more about unsolved cases.  Some of these include the kidnapping of Dorothy “Dee” Scofield from my hometown of Ocala, Florida; the abduction of Amber Hagerman from Texas; and the kidnapping of Jennifer Kesse from Orlando.  The brazen, senseless murder of Linda Raulerson, a convenience store clerk in Lake City, Florida, is another case I’d like to see solved.  I’ve written two blogs about the Canadian kidnapping and murder of Sharin’ Morningstar Keenan, and her killer Dennis Melvyn Howe.  How a career criminal who had never been out of jail for more than a few weeks at a time could escape police and remain undetected for more than 30 years leads me to believe that Howe died shortly after his escape, but I have no proof of that.

So a huge THANKS to those who have clicked into my blog, and particularly those who read it on a regular basis.  I hope to continue writing it for many more years.


Unknown said...

Just so you know I check in everyday
or two to see if you have written anything new. I LOVE your blog. I have learned so many thing about people and what goes on in some the minds of these these MONSTERS that do what they do, and yet they see no wrong in doing it and plead not guilt on a regular basis or fight the death penalty with everything they got, like they may get out some day.. (I'm not talking about the ones that are really innocent, I'm talking about the ones that are cold hard career criminals), we got this dude from where I live that has been in jail for 32 yrs for killing this man, sentenced to death now the thing is he has come up again for his "DEATH" and he is fighting the drugs they use to kill him, now to me that is a conflict of interest on his part did he care what the victim had to say or do in his life, NO he KILLED him, and the courts here stayed his execution because of this blend of medicines seems to me something is wrong here, why should it matter if they (the perpetrator) hurt just a little before dying, they didn't care that the victim did.
Sorry had to get that off my chest...

Robert A. Waters said...

Faye, Thanks for continuing to read my blog. I agree with your views on ice cold killers. To me, they're cowards who don't want to pay the same price they gave their victims. Robert