Monday, May 26, 2014

Animal Farm in the Tropics

Hollywood’s hero…
by Robert A. Waters

A new book has finally lifted the veil from another fat-cat dictator.

The Hidden Life of Fidel Castro, authored by Juan Reinaldo Sanchez and co-authored by Axel Gylden, was recently published in France.  (It’s nowhere to be seen in America.)  Sanchez, a former bodyguard for Castro, exposes Hollywood’s hero as no other writer has done.

After the Revolution, El Comandante became dictator of an island with more natural resources than many continents.  Instead of making life better for the proletariats, Castro insisted on instituting the typical communist redistribution schemes and anti-capitalist crusades—as a result, the masses have lived in squalor for decades.  Those who resisted the takeover of their homes were imprisoned or murdered.  And anyone who questioned the communist philosophy was eliminated.  Many of Castro’s 11 million subjects dream of fleeing across seventy miles of ocean to the United States, even though tens of thousands have lost their lives in the attempt.

While the prols sputter down rut-filled streets in sixty-year-old cars, El Comandante lives like no other Cuban could imagine.

Hollywood’s hero resides on a plush tropical island, surrounded by servants who cater to his every whim.  His personal worth is said to be 100 million dollars.  His days are spent diving, drinking fine wine, and, with a heady thrust from Viagara, screwing women.  The People’s Revolutionary keeps many secrets from his subjects, including his opulent lifestyle.  According to an article in UK Daily News, Castro’s “palatial residences on the mainland include a Havana estate complete with rooftop bowling alley and indoor basketball court, and a coastal villa next to a private marina with pool, Jacuzzi and sauna.” A food-taster, professional look-a-like, and heavily armed body-guards help keep the dictator safe.

When celebrities come to visit, Castro’s spies follow them twenty-four-seven.  Hotels are bugged, and, according to the book, lots of movie stars love underaged girls.  (Maybe this is why Castro gets such good press from Hollywood.)  A few of the leftist icons who have visited and dripped praise on Castro are: Steven Spielberg; Jack Nicholson; Chelize Theron; Chevy Chase; Oliver Stone; Harry Belafonte; Gina Lollabrigida; Kevin Costner; Naomi Campbell; Ralph Nader; Robert Redford; Spike Lee; Woody Harrelson; Leonardo DiCaprio; and Nobel Prize winning author Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Nicholson once said, “Cuba is simply a paradise.”  (Wonder why everyone wants to leave.)

Spielberg described his dinner with Castro as the most important eight hours of his life.  Hmm.

I once speculated on this blog as to why no movies critical of communism are ever made.  Now I understand.  Hollywood’s hero may have blackmailed the celebs into silence.

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