Monday, February 3, 2014

Child Molester Stopped Cold

Sex offender in child’s bedroom held at gunpoint by father
By Robert A. Waters

It must have been a scary sight indeed.

According to the Ocala (FL) Star Banner, the Jesse Smith family “had gone to dinner, and upon arriving home, Smith’s wife was getting ready to put their 7-year-old daughter to bed, deputies said.  Entering the child’s room, they saw a moving blanket on the floor…Both mother and daughter screamed, and the woman’s husband, who was in another room, came running with his gun and held [Paul Michael] Matheny at gunpoint...”

Hiding under the blanket, Matheny was lucky that Smith used some restraint and didn’t shoot.  Yet when deputies arrived, he resisted arrest.  “This is my house,” he kept repeating.  “I built it.”

Turns out Matheny had at least three convictions for “exposure of sexual organs.”

A .45-caliber Glock goes a long way in stopping a child molester.

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