Sunday, June 30, 2013

Help Find Adrienne Salinas

A desperate search is underway for missing nineteen-year-old Adrienne Salinas of Tempe, Arizona.  Tempe Police Department, Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, and the FBI have set up a command post near the spot where Adrienne was last seen.  Investigators searched wooded areas, homes, and abandoned buildings.  Pedestrians driving through the area have been questioned, and yesterday divers scoured Tempe Town Lake.

AZCENTRAL.COM reported that “Adrienne attended a party in Tempe with her boyfriend the night of June 14 and had been drinking.  She and her boyfriend got into an argument at the party.  The boyfriend drove her to his home in Scottsdale, but they continued to argue so he drove her home.  The last time anyone reported seeing Adrienne was early in the morning of June 15.  Her roommates told police that she packed an overnight bag and said she was driving back to her boyfriend’s home.”

Two blocks from her home, Adrienne’s car ran up on a curb, flattening two of her tires.  She then walked back to her apartment.  At 5:05 that morning, Adrienne used her cellphone to call a taxi and asked the driver to meet her at a nearby Circle K convenience store.

Shortly after that, her cellphone went dead.  The taxi driver said he couldn’t find Adrienne, and she never made it to her boyfriend’s house.  She hasn’t been seen since the early morning of June 15.

Investigators stated that both the boyfriend and the cab driver have been cooperative.

The missing woman is five feet, six inches tall, and weighs 110 pounds.  She has raven-black hair and a tattoo of the sun near her left ear.  A reward of $8,000 has been offered.

“It’s just a nightmare,” Rick Salinas, her father, said.  “We have to suppress those negative thoughts [because] the worst case scenario is not something that’s going to motivate us.”

If you have any information about this case, call 480-350-8311.

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