Saturday, December 22, 2012

Surviving Another Apocalypse

Bell Rock

New Age Lies
by Robert A. Waters

December 21, 2012 faded out with barely a whimper.  The child-sacrificing Mayan priests, who couldn't even save their own culture, got it wrong.  Or more likely, New Age prophets misinterpreted the Mayan calendar.

So now the "Save-Your-Ass" mantra has begun.  It goes something like this: There never was an apocalypse, just a new cycle in the Mayan calendar that will usher in a kinder, gentler era. 

Yeah, right.

So does anyone feel stupid?

Like those administrators in the U. S. who shut down their schools?  Or the doomsday preppers who spent tens of thousands to build and stock shelters?  Or Peter Gersten, the face of New Age nonsense, who at the last moment canceled his much-anticipated leap of faith from Bell Rock into a cosmic portal?

All my life, I've heard these doomsday predictions by pseudo-religious leaders, mad scientists, and insane people masquerading as bloggers and YouTubers.  I have to admit--the Mayan Apocalypse was sexier than most.  You had the Planet Nibiru hurtling close enough to Mother Earth to destroy it.  You had other rogue planets heading for a colossal cosmic collision with our doomed planet.  There were disastrous sun spots and planet alignments and pole shifts, all coinciding on December 21.  A recipe for disaster unlike anything we've ever seen.  

Only thing is, the Mayan Doomsday apocalypse was just another lie.


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