Tuesday, November 27, 2012

An Act of Kindness

NFL player replaces stolen Christmas
by Robert A. Waters

In this era when criminals and convicts dominate the National Football League, it’s nice to see a player give back.  Indianapolis Colts right guard Mike McGlynn did just that when the Grinch stole one family's Christmas.
It started on Black Friday when Lori Diehl, of Shelbyville, Indiana, set off on a shopping trip.  Lori’s family includes her husband, Matthew, and three children.  Matthew has Hodgson’s Lymphoma, having undergone twelve treatments of chemotherapy.  Lori and Matthew are both teachers, but they’re currently on leave because of his illness.  Money in the family is tight, so this Christmas, family, friends, and members of the church Lori attends chipped in with gift certificates to several area stores.

After shopping at K-Mart, Target, Kohl’s, and Sears, Lori stopped at Menard’s.  When she came back to her mini-van, she found it had been broken into, and all her gifts stolen.  Police arrived on the scene, and a local television station reported the story on the evening news.

Megan McGlynn happened to be watching the broadcast, and she told her husband.  The next day, Mike donated $500 to cover the cost of the presents.

“He truly was wonderful,” Diehl said. “We were just amazed. He was exceedingly generous.” 

The player even spoke to her young son.  “He (her son) was over the moon excited,” Diehl said.

The NFL needs more players like Mike McGlynn.

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