Monday, July 23, 2012

Football Follies

NFL brand is threatened by thuggish players
by Robert A. Waters

Listed below are just a few of the National Football League players who have been arrested this off-season.

Dallas Cowboys star receiver Dez Bryant was accused of beating up his own mother and charged with family violence and assault.

Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch was arrested for DUI.

Wide receiver Kenny Britt of the Tennessee Titans was arrested for DUI.

Denver Broncos defensive end Elvis Dumerville was arrested for aggravated assault with a firearm.

Detroit Lions defensive tackle Corey Williams was charged with DUI.

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson was arrested for assaulting a police officer outside a nightclub.

Aaron Berry, cornerback of the Detroit Lions, was arrested on two different occacsions, once for DUI and the other for assault.

And that's just a start.

NFL Commish Roger Goodell, aware that “brand” is all-important in the league’s money-making machine, has attempted to stamp out crime among players. But it ain’t working. As long as teams continue to draft criminals, recidivism will continue to stigmatize America’s greatest sport.

While many NFL fans minimize the unlawful actions of their star players, others wonder how multi-millionaires continue to find themselves in legal hot water. Many followers are amazed that the wealthy moguls of the gridiron can’t do the minimum required to keep from getting arrested.

Anybody want to start a Fantasy Football game for suspended ex-cons?

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