Saturday, March 17, 2012

Florida Multiple Murderer to Die

Family of Victim Awaits Justice
by Robert A. Waters

On April 12, David Alan Gore is scheduled to drift into dreamland and never return. Outside the walls of Raiford, protestors will carry signs denouncing his execution. Few, if any, will even recognize the names of Gore’s victims.

So, here they are, the innocent women and children he raped and murdered.

Ying Hua Ling

Hsiang Huang Ling

Judy Kay Daley

Angelica LaVallee

Barbara Ann Byer

Lynn Elliott

Gore, who has run out of appeals, will be put to death for the murder of his last victim, Vero Beach teenager Lynn Elliott. The following court document describes how he kidnapped and killed her:

“On July 26, 1983, Gore and his cousin Freddy Waterfield picked up teenagers Lynn Elliott and Regan Martin, who were hitchhiking. Soon after, Gore took a gun out of the glove compartment and handcuffed the two girls while Waterfield drove to Gore’s parents’ house. Once there, Gore bound each of the girls and placed them in separate bedrooms. Regan Martin testified that Gore cut off her clothes and forced her to perform oral sex on him while he threatened to kill her, and that Gore kept going back and forth between the two rooms. At one point when Gore was out of the room, Martin heard gunshots from outside. When Gore returned he placed her in a closet and then the attic and threatened to kill her if she tried anything. Soon after, Gore surrendered to the police and Martin was rescued. Elliott’s nude body was found in the trunk of Gore’s car.

“Michael Rock, a teenager riding his bike by Gore's house on the day in question, testified that he saw Gore and a naked woman (Lynn Elliott) running up the driveway toward the road. Rock watched as Gore caught up with Elliott and dragged her back toward the house. He then saw Gore throw Elliott down and shoot her. Elliott had been shot twice, once in the back of the head and once in the jaw.”

Rock pedaled home as fast as he could and told his mother what he'd witnessed. She immediately called 911.

Lynn’s parents, Carl and Jeanne Elliott, have waited for three decades to watch the serial murderer die.

“Get it over with,” Carl told a reporter. “Give him what he deserves.”

Jeanne said, “I would ask [Florida Governor Rick Scott] to, please, think about the families waiting for justice to be done. The hurt does not go away.”

In 2011, Jeanne nearly died. While in a coma, Carl told her, “You can’t go now. You have other things to do.” Jeanne recovered, because she still needed to see Gore executed.

For all those who want Gore to stay alive, I'd ask you to say a small prayer for two souls fading into the sunset, souls whose lives were shattered when a monster snatched their daughter, whose only satisfaction will be when the killer pays for his crime.

And say a prayer for the families of his other victims.

As David Alan Gore sinks into a peaceful sleep for the last time, may he wake up in Hell.

NOTE: At 6:19 p.m., on April 12, 2012, David Alan Gore was pronounced dead at Florida State Prison in Raiford. The worst pain he would have felt in the end was maybe a couple of needle-pricks--unlike his victims who were raped, tortured unmercifully, and murdered.

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Anonymous said...

David Gore will pay for what he has done. God will not let him go unpunished his day will come and his punishment will be for eternity.