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Self-Defense Files 2

Kelvin Bagley
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Intruders in the Dust
by Robert A. Waters

The latest news is that the Obama administration is looking for additional ways to restrict our gun rights. Using the “death by a thousand cuts” scenario, those who wish to ban all guns from Americans attempt to implement their scheme by trying to pass seemingly small insignificant laws. In this case, President Obama knows that he can’t get any anti-gun laws through Congress so he plans to try to take away our more of our gun freedoms by executive order. With an up-coming election, one of the worst things he can do is to get the nation’s 80 million gun owners (Republicans and Democrats) riled up. Listed below are a few cases which show why most gun owners are determined to keep their weapons.

At 4:30 a.m., an intruder armed with a machete broke into a home in Wilkes County, North Carolina. Philip Jonathan Ange, 35, was shot in the head and upper body by the homeowner, James Brian Haynes. The intruder, who was a stranger to Haynes, died as he was being transported to the hospital. Earlier in the evening, Ange had attempted to break into the same home but left when the resident informed him that police had been called. The motive for the home invasion was unclear, but investigators said that Ange had been “unstable” lately. According to the North Carolina Department of Corrections, “Ange was sentenced to probation in 2005 after being convicted in Jones County on a misdemeanor charge of assault inflicting serious injury.” Haynes, who used a .22 rifle to protect himself, will not be charged.

In Glen Arm, Maryland, a wild gun-battle erupted when a burglar wearing camouflage clothing broke into the home of Aubrey Alvano, 64. Although Robert Buss, 36, wasn’t hit by the gunshots, he suffered cuts from flying glass, causing him to flee. Police spokesman Lt. Rob McCullough said that Alvano was alerted by a noise. “She went back to her bedroom and retrieved two handguns,” he said. “One was a .357 handgun and the other was a .38 caliber handgun." Buss had an AK-47 rifle. After the gunfight, Buss got in his pickup truck and drove two miles where he turned his gun on himself. While police are at a loss for a motive, McCullough said, "He intended to kill the victim in this case." There will be no charges brought against the homeowner.

Kelvin Lorenzo Bagley never worked for a living. Instead, he burglarized homes and stole “sellable goods” to support his drug habit. He had a 14-page criminal history and had been convicted of numerous crimes, including “performing a lewd and lascivious act on a child.” His partner, Jason Maurice Ward, also was a career criminal. One night in Lake Wales, Florida, Keith Taylor went to check on the home of his mother-in-law. It had been burglarized the week before, so he took his licensed handgun. As Taylor walked around the outside of the house, two men suddenly jumped out a five-foot-high window and landed almost on top of him. Startled, Taylor turned to face the burglars. When Kelvin Bagley began walking toward Taylor, the son-in-law fired several rounds. Bagley’s long career in crime ended that night. Cops found him dead in the back yard of the home. Taylor won’t be charged. W. J. Martin of the Polk County Sheriff’s Office said: "[Bagley and Taylor] were going to confront this guy and he didn't have an obligation to wait and see what they wanted, and to see if they were going to shoot him first.”

This case occurred in 2007, but shows the viciousness of some home invaders. Willie Lee Hill, 93, of El Dorado, Arkansas, was in his bedroom when Douglas B. Williams broke into his home and attacked him. Hill later said that Williams' first punch "hit me with all his might in the left side of my face. My teeth don't fit right now." After hitting Hill, Williams picked up a soda can and smashed him 50 times, knocking the homeowner unconscious. After waking up in pool of blood, Hill reached under his bed and retrieved a .38-caliber handgun. Williams charged the injured victim but Hill pulled the trigger, hitting his assailant in the neck. Williams went down, unable to move his legs. Both men were taken to the hospital. Hill was later transferred to a nursing home to recuperate. With miltiple bruises all over his body and large gashes on his face, Hill said: "You can't imagine what an experience it is with somebody on top of you trying to kill you."

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