Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Self-Defense Files

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Tables turned on home intruders
by Robert A. Waters

Having lived in Florida for much of my life, I’ve become friends with many folks who’ve moved here from New York City. There are numerous reasons they move to the Sunshine State: the climate; no state income tax; and the open spaces in many sections of the state. Another reason is that, unlike the Big Apple, Florida has liberal gun policies. Most of the former New York City dwellers that I know are now the proud owners of shotguns, rifles, and/or handguns. Self-preservation is a human right--people will always flee or rebel against governments that outlaw the means for citizens to protect their own lives.

Here are a few recent stories of people who used guns in self-defense:

In Mountain Home, Arkansas, a would-be intruder attempted to break a window that led into the room of a sleeping four-year-old. Jeremy Ealey, the child’s father, heard the racket and grabbed his gun. He yelled that he was armed, but, instead of leaving, the stranger hurled a cement block through a glass door. When the man stuck his head through the opening and tried to enter the home, Ealey fired five shots, severely wounding the invader. Police stated that the shooting was self-defense, and Ealey won’t be charged. The same can’t be said for Larry Copas--if he recovers, he’ll face numerous charges.

In San Antonio, a house-sitter shot and killed an intruder. The home had been burglarized twice before, and a Lexus stolen. On the night he was killed, the thief drove the Lexus back to the home, evidently intent on continuing to pillage the residence. However, the owners had left their armed son at home to guard the place. When the thief entered the house, he was shot. Neighbors said there had been a recent outbreak of burglaries and thefts in the normally-quiet neighborhood. They were surprised to learn that the dead man lived down the street. Police said the shooter would not be charged.

In Michigan, an intruder carrying a knife broke into a rural residence. The homeowner, armed with a shotgun, confronted the stranger. Needless to say, the resident’s gun trumped the dagger and the intruder soon lay dead. Cops will not charge the shooter. William Cataldo, homicide investigator, said: “[The burglar] was armed, inside the house, and face to face with the homeowner and the homeowner has every right to protect himself and his home. Macomb County juries have been very clear and the law is clear. He does not have to retreat in his own house.”

In Coos Bay, Oregon, a resident shot and killed a persistent home invader. Late one night, Allen Wayne Saunders began banging on the front door, awakening the homeowner. Told to leave, Saunders attempted to kick in the door. The homeowner fired two warning shots into the air but the stranger wasn’t deterred. He began throwing rocks at the front windows. With broken glass littering the floors inside the home, Saunders eventually broke through the front door and rushed inside where he was shot. Toxicology tests showed that he had high levels of methamphetamine in his system. The resident will not be charged. District Attorney Paul Frasier said: "It is my conclusion that Mr. Saunders was intoxicated and acting delusional as a result of methamphetamine use. It is clear his behavior was threatening and unlawful."

In Tacoma, Washington, a resident shot two burglars. At about 4:40 a.m., the homeowner heard noises inside his house. He took a handgun and went to investigate. The resident found two men in his garage. As he attempted to hold them for police, the men charged him. Anthony Len McDougald was killed, and the second intruder wounded. Both had long criminal histories. The homeowner will not be charged.



I live in NYC and have several friends who have moved and/or retired to Florida. I have friends and relatives who have lived most of their lives in Florida. One or two have guns. None have ever said that the gun laws were a reason for moving to Florida. The idea that sane mature people move to Florida because of the gun laws. is at best silly, at worst, absurd. I know of one famous case though. An Egyptian tourist, went to Florida, got a room in a motel, used that as his residence to obtain a gun. He then returned to NYC, went to the observation floor of the Empire State Building, and without reason began shooting, wounding several people, killing one. So thank you Florida for allowing any nut to get a gun without even having a legitimate address. I can understand why Floridians are so fearful they need guns. Here in NYC we depend on the police to protect us. One of the reasons we have a good police force, we don't mind paying taxes. For every example you provide of someone protecting themselves with a gun, I will match you with a story of an innocent person, often a child, being accidentally shot by a gun left lying around the house, waiting for that one in a million bogeyman to come through the window.

Robert A. Waters said...


Thanks for sharing your point of view. And I thank my home state for allowing me the right to protect myself and my family with its liberal gun laws.


changedlife said...

Having been a criminal for so many years I no regard for other people, but now that I have changed my life I can now see what I was doing to others in my community. I am glad that I was not killed and believe that every person has right to protect themselves and if I would of been killed it would of served me right.

ezrsed said...

COMPUTERDOG says "I can say I am one of those out of touch people".

Yeah...no kidding.