Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Who Murdered Innocence?

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Six months later, the killer of Norma Lopez still walks free
by Robert A. Waters

It’s been six months now since Norma Lopez vanished. The seventeen-year-old was walking home from Valley View High school in Moreno Valley, California when she was kidnapped. Some of her belongings were located in an open field just blocks from her home. Investigators told reporters that it looked as if a struggle had occurred.

Five days later, the decomposing body of Norma was found in a remote area about two miles from where she was abducted. She still wore her jeans but her top was missing.

Who killed the pretty teen?

While investigators continue to search for the murderer, it’s disturbing to note that fourteen registered sex offenders lived within a two-mile radius of Valley View High School. Within hours of the abduction, police were checking the alibis of these individuals. None have been charged.

Norma’s older sister, Elizabeth, spoke to the killer. “Just get the touch of heart and turn yourself in,” she said. “‘Cause you killed her when we want her here home. Just turn yourself in. That's all we want.”

While that’s unlikely, it is possible that someone knows who committed this heinous crime. If so, maybe he or she will grow a conscience and call police.

In the meantime, a family and community grieves while a killer is still at large to stalk other children.

If you have any information on this case, call the Moreno Valley Police Hotline at 877-242-4345.

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