Wednesday, July 2, 2008

At least one observer stated that Mark Dean Schwab was blinking back tears just before his execution. Junny and Vicki Rios-Martinez watched the scene from a window six feet away. The execution began at 6:03 p.m. About one minute later, Schwab closed his eyes and never moved again. He was pronounced dead at 6:15. I’ve listed a few of the statements that Junny’s parents, Junny and Vicki, made to the media after the execution.

Junny: “I’m sure the victim did not die as peaceful as [Schwab] did today. The torture, the last few minutes were nothing like this.”

Vicki: “[Schwab’s] realm of evil has come to an end. The universe has brought about balance, justice, and the law of consequence. I have closure.”

Junny: “You have no idea how hard it was for me not to get up and pound on that glass just to make sure [Schwab] knew we were there.”

Vicki: “We should all be so lucky to go this way.”

Vicki: “This was the most peaceful parting that I’ve ever been to, and I only wish my son had passed that peacefully. Before Junny’s death, I didn’t believe in the death penalty. But then evil came to live in my heaven.”

Vicki: “If there is any question that what I just witnessed was cruel and unusual, there should never be a doubt on anyone’s mind. We should all be so lucky when it’s our turn.”

Vicki: “Seventeen years is way too long to wait for justice. And without justice there is no closure.”

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