Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Death Row Pedo - Mark Dean Schwab's Early Crimes

When the U. S. Supreme Court voted 7-2 that lethal injection is an appropriate method of capital punishment, Florida Governor Charlie Crist stated that he’s ready to resume executions, starting with the “worst” first. Mark Dean Schwab certainly fits that description. [Please see my previous post entitled “Death Row Pedo.”]

Before the premeditated rape and murder of eleven-year-old Junny Rios-Martinez, Schwab had repeatedly molested young boys in the most violent manner. In fact, he was sentenced to eight years in prison for a particularly brutal assault. In one of those decisions that are incomprehensible to laypersons, Schwab was released from prison after serving only three years. One month later, he assaulted and murdered Junny.

Some of the crimes he committed against children are recorded below. (The names of the victims have been changed.)

Bobby, 14, was walking to school one morning when he saw a man in a bank parking lot with the hood of his truck raised. The man, Mark Dean Schwab, asked Bobby to start the truck while he fiddled with the engine. Bobby got in and started it. Schwab then asked Bobby if he needed a ride to school. Bobby agreed but noticed Schwab drive off in the opposite direction. Before he could complain, Schwab grabbed Bobby’s hair and yanked his head into Schwab’s lap. Then he placed a knife to Bobby’s throat. After subduing his victim, Schwab drove to a remote location where he sexually assaulted Bobby.

Joey, also 14, accepted a ride home from a party with Schwab. Schwab took the teen to a secluded area, put a knife to his throat, and attempted to rape him. When Joey resisted, Schwab offered him $ 1,000 to let him complete the act. Still struggling with his assailant, Joey was able to open the door and jump out of the truck. He didn’t report the attempted rape until later.

Thirteen-year-old Marty met Schwab at the Brevard County Humane Society where Marty had taken a dog. Schwab adopted the animal and befriended the boy and his parents. Several weeks later Schwab told Marty that he had a job painting a house and offered to pay Marty $ 200 if he would help. Marty agreed and they went to the house. Once there, Schwab pulled a knife on Marty, forced him inside, and spent several hours assaulting him. Afterwards, he let the teen go after warning him not to tell anyone. Marty and his parents went to the police and Schwab was arrested. He quickly confessed.

For this rape, on February 22, 1988, he pled guilty and was sentenced to eight years in prison followed by fifteen years’ probation. According to a report from the Florida Commission on Capital Cases, “the agreement included the waiving of five counts, including Lewd and Lascivious Assault upon a Child, False Imprisonment, and three counts of Sexual Battery.” In March, 1991, his sentence was “commuted” and he was freed.

Four mental health professionals evaluated Schwab while he was in prison. Three of the four were convinced that he was a pedophile and sexual sadist. The other, a psychologist, diagnosed him as having an anti-social personality and being “a mentally disordered sex offender.” With all the information available, it was pure negligence that he was released early.

After his conviction for the murder of Junny Rios-Martinez, Schwab launched numerous appeals. All were denied. His execution date is now set for July 1, 2008.

If it is carried out, Schwab would have been incarcerated six years longer than Junny Rios-Martinez lived.


clean shot said...
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meangirl&sassy said...

I think what he did to Junny was much more cruel than an execution. Mark should have been died the day he did that to my friend. Junny had a long life ahead of him and that bastered took it all away, but at least Junny went to see the angels. But Mark will go straight to hell where he belongs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE MISS YOU JUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!

meangirl&sassy said...

How can his attorney say Marks execution is cruel? What he did to Junny was much worse, than him being put to death. At least his is quick and EASY. Junny 11yrs old had more pain. Junny had a long and great life ahead of him and now he is up there watch us. As for Mark he is and will always be in hellllllllllllllll. I new Junny and he was a wonderful and very talented kid. Please don't stop this execution he deserves this!!!!

Unknown said...

Poor kid - Junny.


That swine Schwab should have been hanged - in public (immediately), or burned alive.

... and the idiots who released him should go to prison, too.

Anonymous said...

Let Schwab rott in HELL!!!!!!!!!!

Brian Peters said...

I knew Junny as well. I lived in Cocoa Florida for 2 years. I played baseball and this could have been me. I have always been haunted by a 'Schwab' characther and now that I have children I am extra careful and give special instructions to my children.